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Why Full Stack Web Development?

As a developer, you get to be the person that builds the next culture-shifting website or web application. A rapidly changing tech landscape means the web development industry continues to grow quickly, and is expected to grow by at least 13% in the next decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While many of those jobs are located in major tech hubs like San Francisco and New York City, the widespread need for developers across all industries means there’s likely a job waiting for you wherever you want to live. And if you’ve got persistence, grit, curiosity, and a brain that likes to solve puzzles, full stack web development could be the career for you.

Our curriculum

Our full stack web developer course curriculum is designed to teach you the technical and professional skills hiring managers need most. You’ll attend live, online lectures led by industry experts who will teach you the foundations of full-stack web app development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

You’ll also develop web servers using Node.js and RDBMS, including SQLite and PostgreSQL, as well as be able to understand, explain, and apply fundamental computer science concepts. Plus, you’ll have the chance to build and contribute to real products with a team of students that you can showcase in your portfolio.
Day 1
Lambda Launch & Precourse Work
All Full Stack Web learners are required to attend Lambda School's orientation and are encouraged to complete the precourse work
Web Foundations
HTML, CSS, Git, JavaScript and UI Principles
Web Application Development
React, Redux, React Router, HTTP/Ajax, and Functional Programming Techniques
Advanced Web Development
Advanced React, State Management and Web Applications
Back End Development
Node  – Node.js Web APIs, Data Persistence, Authentication and Testing
Computer Science
Intro to Python and OOP, Algorithms, Data Structures, Graphs, Hash Tables, and Coding Interview Tips
Participate in our in-house apprenticeship by building a real-world project in a small team
Job Search
Continuing education and ongoing Job Search Support with your Job Search trainer
Learn what being a Lambda School student is really like from the people who know our courses the best – our alumni.

Career services

Career prep at Lambda School starts on day one. You’ll complete career development assignments throughout your program to help you define your career plan, optimize your job hunt, practice your elevator pitch, and put your best foot forward. 

When it’s time to start job hunting, you won’t be navigating the process alone. Here are three ways we support your career development at Lambda School:

Career Coaching
Get one-on-one mentorship from our experienced career coaches who can help you prepare for interviews, build your network, source and apply for jobs, and negotiate your salary.
Job Sourcing
Get connected to job opportunities in our hiring network that match your needs and skillset. You’ll also join our nationwide alumni network who can introduce you to their networks and help you get your foot in the door.
Work for a real company for four weeks and get paid by Lambda School for your time. At the end of the fellowship, your company has the opportunity to hire you full-time.
73% of job-seeking H2 2019 Full-Stack Web Development graduates were hired.
Of those hired graduates, 77% were hired within 180 days.
The above numbers are based on our H2 2019 student outcomes report as of December 3, 2020. Learn more in our biannual Student Outcomes Report, where we strive to provide transparency, consistency, and accountability around our outcomes at Lambda School.

Meet some of our instructors & coaches

We’re building a diverse team of talented instructors, advisors and coaches to build an innovative approach to higher education.
Warren C. Longmire
Instructor, Advanced React
Pace Ellsworth
Instructor, Web Fundamentals, JavaScript
Ben Schinn
Instructor, React
Rachel Cohen
Manager, Career Coaching
Marygrace Swarts
Learner Success Advisor
Danny Stone
Manager, Support Operations

Course schedule

Our programs are rigorous. Every day, you will spend 5 to 7 hours outside of the mandatory live class studying and coding. Although our flexible schedule is designed to fit into your life, you must invest about 40 hours a week, including:
  • 8 hours of mandatory live instruction
  • Daily projects, due at midnight PST
  • Daily warm-ups, due at 9am PST
  • Friday sprint challenges, due at 5pm PST
  • Optional support hours every day
During Build Weeks and Labs, your schedule will change to include daily live stakeholder meetings, stand-ups with your teams, and more.

Upcoming course start dates for Full Stack Web Development

Classes are taught Monday through Friday from 9am to 11am Pacific. Attendance at our orientation program, Lambda Launch, is mandatory.

Oct 25, 2021

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12 months


Wed, 10/20/21

Class length:

6 months

Jan 10, 2022

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12 months



Class length:

6 months

Learn about our tuition options

Deferred Tuition
We understand that the cost of tuition is often a huge barrier for people who are interested in changing careers or leveling up their tech skills, so we designed our Income Share Agreement (ISA) and the CA Retail Installment Contract (CA RIC) to be accessible to anyone who is ready to change their life. Payments are based on what you earn post-graduation and are capped at $30k, so you’ll never pay more than that for any reason.

Please note that tuition in California is $30,000 and learners who choose to use a CA RIC must pay the full $30k regardless of how many payments it takes. Learners who are eligible to defer tuition using an Income Share Agreement, however, must only make 24 payments of 17% of their monthly income, and many of our graduates end up paying less than $30k total.*

Here's an example:
The median annualized salary of H2 2019 Lambda School graduates was $65k. If you were to accept a job after graduation making $65,000, you would pay $921 each month toward your ISA for 24 months, for a total of $22,100.

*Tuition options subject to change.

Watch our ISA video to learn more:
Browse all of our tuition options


Lambda School is fast-paced and immersive. It’s important to ask yourself, “Is this right for me?” Before you apply to Lambda, make sure all of these statements are true for you.
I have researched what it's like to have a career in web development.
I can attend class 9am - 11am Pacific, Monday-Friday for 6 months.
I understand the course is live and online.
I have access to a computer, WiFi, and quiet workspace.
I have explored the tuition options and know the right option for me.
I have a plan for how I will cover living expenses while I'm at Lambda.
I understand how challenging Lambda is going to be.
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Admissions Process

Below you'll find everything you need to know about the application process.
Complete an application
Pass the entrance test
Sign enrollment documents
Attend orientation
Complete the precourse work
Step 1: Complete an application
First, tell us your name and email address (be sure it's an account you check regularly), and choose a password. You'll use these credentials to access your class materials, so please choose a strong password that you'll remember.

Next, you’ll agree to the Lambda School Privacy Policy, which tells us that you understand how we might use your information and how we protect your data.

Once you fill out all the required fields and hit “Submit,” you’ll be redirected to the Lambda School Admissions Dashboard. There, you'll fill in your personal information, tell us about your background, and agree to the attendance policy – Lambda School is an immersive experience and we require 95% live class attendance to graduate.

Then, you'll select whether you’ll pay tuition upfront or sign an Income Share Agreement (ISA). You can learn more about the ISA by watching this 1-minute ISA intro video, or by checking out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Lastly, you'll choose which program you want to enroll in. Not sure? Take this short quiz to get matched to your perfect course.

After you complete your application, it will be sent to our Admissions Team for review. Applications to Lambda School are assessed on a rolling basis. If you’re selected to proceed with the application process, we’ll send you an email in 1-2 days.
Step 2: Pass the entrance test
Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT)
Now we'll ask you to complete a brief assessment called the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test, which helps us predict your ability to be successful at Lambda School and in your future career.

The CCAT consists of 50 questions, and you will have 15 minutes to complete the test. It's normal not to finish all 50 questions in the time allotted, so take a deep breath, do your best, and find a quiet place to work before you begin. You can find a free downloadable CCAT study guide here.

Verify Your Education
If you live in DC, CA, or TX, we'll need to verify your educational background. You can upload one of the following:

1. College Transcripts
2. High School Diploma
3. GED Certificate

Alternatively, you can take the Wonderlic basic skills test. More information about ATB tests can be found here: https://wonderlic.com/atb-testing-state-level/.
Step 3: Sign documents and choose start date
Now it's time check your email, which will contain a series of tasks you'll need to complete before you can begin classes.

Choose Your Start Date
First, you need to choose your desired start date via the link in the email. This link will send you to a confirmation form, where you’ll let us know when you’d like to begin your Lambda School course, and you'll be asked to share some optional demographic information with us.

Along with the email asking you to choose your start date, you will be prompted to read through the Lambda School Catalog (this will be sent to you in an email) to make sure you understand and are willing to adhere to our policies. You can check the Catalog out ahead of time at lambdaschool.com/catalog to learn more about Lambda School’s style, structure, and ethos.

Sign the Enrollment Agreement
After you’ve reviewed the Lambda School Catalog and chosen your start date, you’ll be sent the Enrollment Agreement to review, initial, and sign.

Confirm Tuition Payment Method
If you elected to pay $0 upfront and sign an Income Share Agreement (ISA), or if you sign a California retail installment contract, when you filled out your application, you’ll be directed to sign the appropriate contract. If you selected the $30k upfront option, you'll receive an invoice via email.

If you need to change your payment method, feel free to reach out to us to discuss your options.

All of the above must be completed by our enrollment deadline for the class of your choice.
Step 4: Register for orientation
Now it’s time to prepare for your first day of class! The first key to success on Day One is to register for our new learner orientation, which we call “Lambda Launch.”

During Lambda Launch, you’ll learn effective strategies for remote learning, be briefed on our academic expectations, get a crash course on how to use the software and tools needed for your program, and receive instructions for how to get help. Other than completing your precourse work, attending this orientation program is the best way you can prepare yourself to succeed at Lambda School.

Please note that Lambda Launch attendance is mandatory, and failure to attend may result in your start date being delayed.
Step 5: Complete the precourse work
We've designed a self-paced pre-coursework experience for each course to ensure that all learners are prepared with the foundational programming concepts and skills they need to be successful in Unit 1.

Completing the precourse work is not only mandatory, it's essential for your success at Lambda School. The Lambda curriculum moves quickly and learners who do not have prior coding experience may fall behind without self-study prior to day one.

The precourse work will take you about 15 hours to complete, so please plan accordingly so you can ensure that you've completed all of the requirements before Lambda Launch begins.

Ready? Get started with Step 1 and start your application:
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Our programs are rigorous. Everyday, you will spend 5 to 7 hours outside of the mandatory live class studying and coding. Although our flexible schedule is designed to fit into your life, you must invest about 40 hours a week, including:
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