Popular Questions

Will I be able to get a job as a developer after this course?

By the end of our course you will be confident in your ability to build full-stack web applications. We also work to give you a strong foundation in computer science fundamentals. We also guide you in building a portfolio and provide you life-long job support after graduation. Job markets can be very different for our students due to the international nature of our program and because of that we do not formally promise that you'll find employment.

With that being said though, many of our students will find employment quickly after graduation. For others it may take longer but if you keep building on the foundation we provide then you will eventually find employment. We do our best to accomodate our students no matter what their personal circumstances are. We can do this because of our small class sizes.

How does LambdaSchool compare to a traditional computer science program at a university?

Time and cost are the main differences. LambdaSchool is about like taking an 18 credit semester on CS fundamentals combined with current tools and practices used by industry leaders. A university degree is great but takes significantly longer and costs much more. LambdaSchool, though naturally not as thorough as spending 4 years studying computer science, gives you practical skills and a foundation to help you find employment as a developer so that you can continue your learning while earning money and advancing your career.

What is LambdaSchool's job support like?

First, we teach you the knowledge that you need to be able to effectively answer interview questions. We teach you how to interview and how to code under pressure. We help you craft an effective resume and show you the most effective ways to apply for jobs. Once you have received an offer we help you negotiate the terms and give you advice on how to maximize your offer. Another important service is that we help you build out your portfolio so that you have relevant work experience with key technologies. We provide these services during the bootcamp and long after graduation. We are totally committed to helping you find employment.

What does it take to get accepted?

We are looking for students who are smart, hard working, and have the social skills necessary to work effectively on a team. Essentially we are looking for the same personality traits that an employer would look for but minus the specific skills. We then spend 13 weeks training and molding you so that you can find a good job as a software developer.

Engineers aren't known for being great teachers. Are your teachers effective educators?

We search for teachers who are not only skilled programmers but have experience teaching as well. Our teachers all share a deep love and passion for education and have many experiences teaching outside of programming. Our teachers have taught Mandarin Chinese to English speakers, English to non-english speakers, martial arts, programming at other bootcamps, and even outdoor survival skills.

Do you offer mentorship opportunities for students who have graduated from your program?

Yes! Students who wish to do so can apply to stay on as mentors for the following classes. You will work on advanced projects while providing mentorship to the new students. Through teaching and assisting new students you will deepen your own understanding of the concepts that are taught.

I don't live in the United States. Can I still attend? Can I attend from different time zones?

Yes. LambdaSchool students attend from all over the world. Students who are in time zones much different than Pacific Standard Time (for example, our students from China) still need to attend during the Pacific Time hours, even if that is in the middle of the night where you are. You do need to attend all classes, but so long as you can do that what timezone you are in will not affect your application or admission status.

What language/stack does LambdaSchool teach?

The LambdaSchool curriculum is focused around JavaScript, and in order to avoid confusion we use JavaScript for everything we do in the course — front-end, back-end, mobile, neural networks, etc. As far as frameworks go, we'll use several: You'll learn Node.js, Express.js, React, and more.

Where is LambdaSchool located?

We are headquartered in Silicon Valley but all of our classes are taught online. We teach students from around the world including more than 80 different countries as well as all states and territories in the United States and every province and territory in Canada.