The Computer Science Education
of the Future

Immersive preparation for the world's most in-demand careers,
for as little as $0 until you're hired

A New Model for Higher Education

Lambda School invests in a small number of ambitious individuals by training them for the world's most in-demand careers.

In exchange, Lambda School graduates pay back a small percentage of their salary after they are hired.


Our unique application and interview process is designed to identify those with great aptitude for a technical career, regardless of their background.


Once students are selected, a class undergoes live, intensive online training designed to meet the rigorous demands of our hiring partners.

Lambda School Courses

Academy of Computer Science

Web Development, Software Engineering and Computer Science

6 months (full-time) or 12 months (part-time)

$0 upfront
+ 17% of salary for 2 yrs
(or $20,000 upfront)

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Academy of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Data Science

6 months (full-time) or 12 months (part-time)

$0 upfront
+ 17% of salary for 2 yrs
(or $20,000 upfront)

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The skills you need, wherever you are

Lambda School is live streamed from Silicon Valley to a small group of students participating from all over the world.

Students learn cutting-edge technology from world class instructors at no up-front cost and without having to relocate or acquire expensive housing.

Classes are live, interactive and include one-on-one help, real projects, and frequent code reviews.

Graduate Risk-Free

You'll only pay tuition once you land a job paying more than $50,000/year in a software- or data-science related field.
Should your employment status change, your payments will adjust automatically.

No more unpayable student loans.

A Risk-Free Career

Once you have a high-paying job, you'll pay back tuition as a fixed percentage of your salary.

Aligned Incentives

Because we invest in you, instead of the other way around, we only make money when you do.

Classroom Experience

Just like a physical classroom experience, everything at Lambda School is live and interactive. Training takes place in rigorous, live instruction, hands-on projects, pair programming, realistic practice, and frequent code reviews from knowledgeable instructors.

Full-Time, World-Class Instructors

Caleb Hicks

Caleb lead the instructional design team at Apple, where he created curriculum used by millions of people.

Aaron Gallant

Aaron previously worked at Google and having taught at Stanford University and the University of Washington.

Ivan Mora

Ivan comes to Lambda School from Blizzard. At Blizzard Ivan worked on projects used by millions, such as World of Warcraft.

Sean Chen

Sean comes from the Applied Math program at UC Berkeley, as well as working for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.


Learn By Doing

Unlike most Computer Science programs, we don't start with theory. We start with programming. We jump right into practical knowledge by coding our own applications, then layer in algorithms, abstraction, application architecture, scalability, and theory.

You'll not only learn the practical skills software engineers need to know in order to immediately contribute to an application, but also how to manage large-scale applications, break complex issues down into smaller components, solve problems from first principles, and think abstractly.


Lambda's People: Diverse & Valuable

Our application process is blind to both race and gender, ensuring diverse and qualified candidates from all over the world, and every walk of life.

Lambda School students stay connected long after the course ends. We review material, audit courses, and utilize alumni connections for jobs and projects. It's a powerful network.

Student Stories


Joram Clervius

Joram had never made more than $15/hour before joining Lambda School. After Lambda School he was hired directly into a role as a Senior Developer at Nexient.


Julian Pegues

Before joining Lambda School, Julian worked in a warehouse moving boxes. After Lambda School, he landed a job working as a React Native engineer at Uber.


Top-rated computer science program

Lambda School carries a near-perfect rating on all review sites

4.98 of 5 stars on Course Report

“This is the kind of stuff they should be teaching in schools. Absolute five star course.”

4.95 of 5 stars on SwitchUp

“Phenomenal. The stuff on React alone is worth the price of the full class”

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