Machine Learning Instructor

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Lambda School is looking for one or two instructors to teach and develop the Lambda School machine learning specialization's foundational courses (modules). This requires a passionate teacher with demonstrated ability to teach Machine Learning to an audience of technical professionals, enhance curriculum and the ability to coordinate with other instructors. This role may be filled on either a full-time or part-time basis.

Modules may include (content may vary over time): Regression, classification, natural language processing, deep learning (ANN, CNN, RNN, SOMs, Boltzmann Machines, etc.), Python, and R.

Job Details

Teach foundational ML in 6-week modules: Teach 45-120 minute lectures and projects or final exams for each module, integrate practical ML skills in each lesson plan, and coordinate with other instructors to maintain consistency.

Develop and revise module curriculum.

Work with Lambda School staff to ensure that students continue receiving a high-quality, university-level educational experience.

Coordinate with other instructors and Teaching Assistants.