How to pay tuition upfront
Once you are enrolled and have selected the upfront tuition option, you will receive an emailed invoice that you can pay by ACH, wire, or check. To make an ACH payment use the link in your invoice email. To make a wire or check payment, follow the instructions in the invoice email.
You pay your tuition in multiple payments, but the full amount must be paid by the enrollment deadline for your cohort or you will not be able to start. If you’d like to pay tuition over time, please see Tuition Installments for more information.
Upfront Tuition refund policy
Refunds will be issued in accordance to your state specific refund policy which you will be able to review in your Enrollment Agreement. You can see our general refund policy here.
Upfront Tuition Questions
Can I make payments from different accounts?
Yes. If you are making an ACH payment you can use the same invoice link to make multiple payments. If you are paying by wire transfer you can make multiple transfers from different accounts, but make sure to reference your name and invoice number. If you are paying by check you can write multiple checks from different accounts, making sure to reference your name and invoice number.
What happens if I withdraw or am withdrawn?
If you withdraw or are withdrawn, you may be entitled to a tuition refund, as documented in your Enrollment Agreement. Your maximum refund can only be up to the amount of tuition you've actually paid.
When should I expect my refund after I withdraw or am withdrawn?
You must contact the front desk via Slack or email to request your refund. Your refund will be issued via check within 45 days of your withdrawal date.

For all other questions related to upfront tuition, please contact the front desk via slack or email
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