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October 25, 2021
Lambda School Admissions Office Hours
1:00 pm
Melvin Thomas, CJ Ramos
Drop in to Admissions Office Hours to ask any questions you have about the application process, the Lambda entrance exams, and how to maximize your chances of being admitted to Lambda School!
Join us for a Free Mini Code Bootcamp
Build real projects using HTML, CSS, Python, and JavaScript in live, mini classes led by Lambda School’s most popular web development and data science instructors – even if you’re new to coding. Plus, when you attend a free mini code bootcamp you can:
Receive guidance and live help from a Lambda School instructor
Participate in a live Q&A and submit your questions in real-time
Get access to self-paced learning modules to help you practice your new skills
Upcoming Free Mini Code Bootcamp Events
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Build, design your personal website
Build a song visualizer using javascript
Build a game in javascript
Train your first machine learning model
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