Lambda School Partners with The Mom Project to Help 500 Women Re-enter the Workforce
May 8, 2020
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As one of the highest paying and fastest-growing US industries, the tech sector represents a pathway to helping more women secure financial independence and security for themselves and their families. As a woman, a mother, and a tech executive, I know both from my personal and professional journeys that we need to do a better job of both supporting mothers in their careers and their family lives and making it easier for them to enter the industry. That’s why I’m so excited to announce that Lambda School has partnered with The Mom Project with the goal of helping more mothers and caregivers re-enter the workforce, re-skill, or break into tech.

Currently, although more than 60 percent of college graduates with bachelor’s degrees are women, according to The Mom Project an astounding 43 percent of women in professional roles end up leaving their careers to care for their families. The numbers are clear – finding a way to help more women and families be able to work and learn flexibly is essential, which is why this partnership is so personal for me.

A powerful alliance for re-skilling women in tech

Lambda School’s Web Development and Data Science programs are designed to remove barriers to access that have helped prevent more people, especially women, from being able to enter the tech sector. Our live, online curriculum means parents can attend class from anywhere, whether that’s at home with their children or after hours at the office. 

Parents also benefit from the option of using the Lambda School Income Share Agreement which allows them to pay $0 in upfront tuition and to have the security of knowing that they won’t pay anything until they are hired in a role that pays over $50,000 annually. Lambda School also offers a 1:1 mentoring program and personalized career coaching to give parents the peace of mind to know that they’re not alone on this journey and that they have a community to support them.

But we also knew that in order to reach our goal of helping 500 women re-enter or stay in the workforce, we needed to partner with organizations that could connect our alumni to the most mom-friendly companies in the world, making The Mom Project a natural fit.

As a mother and a tech executive, I’m passionate about helping more women enter and succeed in the tech industry. Together, Lambda School and The Mom Project have an opportunity to help hundreds of women find and succeed at their next professional opportunity.

Creating pathways for #ChampionMoms to succeed 

Through this partnership, our students have access to a robust network of family-friendly hiring partners to help them find a job where they can reach their full potential both at work and at home – a goal that I’m proud to champion. 

When I was growing up in India, I dreamed of working with computers and through a patchwork of scholarships was able to get my CS degree and go on to work for some of the leading tech companies such as Microsoft, PayPal, Facebook, Coinbase and then, when I learned about Lambda's mission to make education accessible and free, joined them as the CTO. 

Helping more women see themselves as part of the tech industry and then having the pathway, tools, and support to make that happen, is what drives me in my career.  If you’re a parent who’s looking to change careers, re-skill, or get back into the workforce, I’d like to personally invite you to apply to Lambda School. I am also personally available to chat about career transitions and breaking into tech, you can reach me at

Together with The Mom Project, we’re committed to helping #ChampionMoms reach their full potential and find their next professional opportunity. I hope you join us. 


Namrata Ganatra
CTO, Lambda School

About The Mom Project

The Mom Project is a digital talent marketplace and community that connects moms with rewarding work opportunities at family-friendly companies. With a community of over 250,000 talented professionals and more than 2,000 companies, The Mom Project is committed to building a better workplace for mothers and the companies they support by harnessing the often overlooked intellectual workplace power of moms. The Chicago-based company has raised $11M in funding to date, including a Series A of $8M led by Grotech Ventures, Initialized Capital and Aspect Ventures, along with previous backers Atlanta Seed Company, Engage Ventures, OCA Ventures, BBG Ventures, IrishAngels and Wintrust Financial. Serena Williams joined The Mom Project as a Strategic Advisor in early 2020 to further mobilize the mission. Learn more at

About Lambda School

Lambda School is a live, skills-based online school that removes barriers typically in the way of pursuing higher education and a better career. Lambda School’s Income Share Agreement model derisks education by aligning the incentives of the school and the students. Throughout Lambda School’s immersive programs, students work closely with from-industry instructors and a network of peers via live, interactive online courses, offered either full-time (nine months) or part-time (18 months). Current courses include Full-Stack Web, iOS Development, and Data Science. Lambda School is backed by top investors. Learn more at

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