Introducing Lambda School Studios
Hire a team of Lambda School graduates to build your product at a fraction of market price and get all of the benefits of a full-service engineering firm. You supply the vision, and we handle the rest.
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Help our graduates earn while they learn
Lambda School Studios is a program designed to provide students with real, paid work. You submit your project specs, and we oversee project management and quality assurance. Our engineers and staff work together to make building your product a seamless experience from idea pitch to product ship.
Pitch us your product idea
Meet with our project management team
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A full-stack engineering team focused on your product
Dedicated Developers
A team of talented, passionate Lambda graduates with 1500+ hours of coding experience to custom-build your product.
Engineering Leadership
Seasoned leadership to guide developers and ensure the project architecture will work long term.
Project Managers
Digital and technical project leadership to guide processes and accountability, ensuring the team stays connected to you and your vision.
Product Leadership
Experienced product leads to help clarify your expectations and ensure your product solves a real problem for real users.
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Hire anyone full-time at no additional cost.

What customers are saying
These guys are rockstars. We are definitely looking at hiring them long-term once they finish this sprint.
They have a level of understanding where they’ve learned how to learn. We can throw them into complex situations and they can figure it out on their own with little support required.
It’s clear these students have learned to work extremely well in a remote capacity. They are the most effective remote workers we’ve ever partnered with.
Lambda School Studios is run at cost for the school. You pay students directly with no overhead, so you know you’re getting the best price.
Our mission is to make it possible for anyone to change their career and circumstances. Hire Lambda School Studios and help real students launch their new careers.
We have a tested process to ensure you, the developers, and the product management team work well together and clearly understand your vision.
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