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Troy Bradley
Business Automation
ACME Automation Unlimited
Video Transcript

My name is Troy Bradley. I live in Perry, Iowa. And I studied full stack web and data science at Lambda School.

So I graduated college in, with a marketing degree in 93, which was pre Facebook, which is key in marketing. So the job market wasn't real great. I knew I needed to do something. And I needed more training in, in something else. I was looking at several different bootcamps. And I was trying to figure out, okay, where can I come up with the 10 to $20,000 that I need to get into one of these bootcamps.

And then I found Lambda, and I thought, hey, you know, these guys, not only are they being innovative in their business model, but their innovation means that they have to teach what people are hiring for, or they don't get paid. But more importantly than that, I think the completeness of what we studied at Lambda, versus what I would have studied at name your favorite bootcamp. I mean, at any other bootcamp that I've looked at coming out of it, I would be well prepared for a very junior level job. I would not be prepared to be a co-founder of a company that is wanting to do anything with AI. The comprehensive curriculum that we have at Lambda has given me the confidence to say I'm qualified to now lead a company that has as its focus an AI component of a new product.

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