Student Story
Moises Dobarganes
Software Engineer IV
Video Transcript

My name is Moises Dobarganes. I am from Jacksonville, Florida although originally from Cuba. One thing led to another actually went through a really bad, bad batch in Miami. Hurricane came in, I lost my job, you know, went bankrupt, basically. And I had no money. I had to file bankruptcy while I was at Lambda actually. My wife was in Cuba. So that meant that I had to also support her while she's on her way to come to the United States, which is also a very expensive ordeal.

I went and I got a job as a security officer, because it was the one thing that I could do at nights while still studying. You know, I just thought, well, you know, what the heck, if I'm going to reinvent myself, let's go back at it. And so like, I've never been better. You know, it's always been up since I started doing this. And since I took up on the call software development, I love it. It's rewarding.

It's funny, like I interviewed for a couple of mid level positions, and I got turned down. They said I would never stick around and there was this senior position. I interviewed for thinking "ah, it's not gonna work out." Turns out that they love me. Yeah, I've been in there since, it's just great. I'm always solving problems, which means like, I can't fix them all. I just can't. I've tried. It's impossible. They just keep coming up. And I love that.

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