Student Story
Moises Dobarganes
Software Engineer IV
Video Transcript

My name is Moises Dobarganes. I am from Jacksonville, Florida although originally from Cuba.

One thing led to another when I went through a really bad patch in Miami. A hurricane came in, I lost my job. I had no money and I had to file for bankruptcy. My wife was in Cuba, so that meant that I had to also support her while she was trying to come to the United States, which is also a very expensive ordeal.

I got a job as a security officer, because it was the one thing that I could do at nights while still studying at Lambda. I just thought, well, what the heck, if I'm going to reinvent myself, let's go back at it. And I've never been better. It's always been up since I started doing this. And since I took up software development, I love it. It's rewarding.

It's funny – I interviewed for a couple of mid level positions, and I got turned down. They said I would never stick around. There was this senior position I interviewed for thinking "ah, it's not gonna work out." Turns out that they love me. I've been there since. It's just great. I'm always solving problems, which means I can't fix them all. I just can't. I've tried. It's impossible. They just keep coming up. And I love that.

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