Student Story
Mashima Button
Web Developer
United Systems & Software, Inc.
Video Transcript

My name is Mashima Button, and I'm originally from Bangkok, Thailand, and I graduated from Lambda from web 25 cohort.

And I am now a web developer at United Systems & Software Inc. in Lake Mary, Florida.

So last year, I moved to Florida, it was really, really hard to find a job, I feel so, down about myself at that time. That's when I started looking more into programs.

And then I come across Lambda, you know, ISA, you don't pay anything, until you get a job and then you pay back and then the cost is like not that bad, it's still more worth it than going through four years of college, so.

What really propelled me to CS is actually you know, thinking about the goal, thinking about you know, endorsement, thinking about once I pass this I'll be endorsed and Lambda will help me get a job.

I really want those resources. I want to be ready, I really want to get a job. I feel like Lambda has taught me a lot of things about myself. That, I actually have, you know, capacity to do this seemingly impossible thing, and because of that it gave me more confidence in myself.

It has been a wonderful experience, you know, if anything Lambda manifested to me it is possible. If you, you know, work hard and keep trying.

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