Student Story
Jashele Tillman
Software Developer
Melt Media
Video Transcript

Before Lambda School, I was in tech support. I knew that I wanted to get into programming. I just didn't really know how to launch my career into it. I ended up getting an associate's degree in computer programming, and I still wasn't sure. I just knew I didn't want to do tech support anymore. But I hadn't done programming in a long time. So when I resigned, I applied for a remote position, doing customer service. The interviewer, one of his questions was "I see that you are interested in software development, why are you applying for this position?" I said, "I feel like I lack knowledge right now." He said, "well, there's Lambda School." And I immediately applied for it. And once joined part time, I became a stronger developer. And just the fact that I accomplished this in under nine months, is still sinking in, but it increased my faith in myself and my abilities as a programmer.

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