Sara Fritz
Grand Island, NE
Job Title
Developer Liaison, Beavercreek Marketing
Lambda Class
Full Stack Web

“Life Before Lambda was stressful. I was a single mom. I got divorced from my children's father when my youngest son was six months old. That was a big change. I moved from South Carolina back to Nebraska, and had to get a job for the first time in six years. I worked in customer service for a doctor, and I didn't think I could do that anymore, emotionally.

I started Lambda when my youngest son went to kindergarten. It was perfect timing because I could do it from home while my kids were in school or even while they were in the other room destroying the house. I also got married again. My husband was very supportive. I stopped working and dedicated 100% of my time to Lambda for nine months.

I had zero self-confidence before starting Lambda. Like, none. I had an overwhelming feeling of I am not good enough at this and I'm never going to get this. Well apparently everyone feels that way. All of the instructors were so caring and really went out of their way. They showed me what I could do.”

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