Farhan Farooqui
San Francisco, CA
Job Title
Mobile Developer, Concha Labs
Lambda Class
iOS Development

Having an Indian background and being American, I'm able to see how technology is used in so many different places. I was born to Indian parents in Connecticut. I lived in the suburbs, graduated from high school,  went to college in the Midwest, then moved to San Francisco. I've worked at Stanford. I’ve started a design studio and built apps. I started the first technology program in my dad’s ancestral village in India. It gave me a very different perspective than just straight away coming to San Francisco would have.

In college, my mind was shut down. I'd go to the class and look at the whiteboard  think, what am I doing by knowing this algorithm? Someone told me about Lambda School sometime in the fall and I found Austin on Twitter. I wanted to learn code and make projects that help people.

Now I am an iOS engineer for Concha Labs. They're building a hearing aid that's one fourth of the price and 10 times better than any on the market. You download the app, take the test with regular headphones, put in your size, take a picture of your ear and it comes to your doorstep. I would have never met the team here if it wasn't for Lambda.

I want to inspire others that think the only way to achieve success is to go to 4, 5, 15 years of school to become a doctor, lawyer, or rocket scientist. The world has changed.

"If you're willing, you can get the same effect of a four-year degree in 6-12 months and radically change your life.”

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