General Refund Policy
If you decide that Lambda School is not right for you, you can withdraw within the first 4 Sprints (Unit 1) with no tuition obligations or penalties. After you complete Sprint 5, you have vested 15% of your tuition, and will be required to repay 15% of your tuition when working in a qualified role earning at least $50k ($4,166.67 per month). The percentage you owe will increase again after completion of Sprint 8, 12 and 16, at which point you are responsible for the full amount of your tuition*.
Once you have begun to vest your deferred tuition (end of Unit 1), you will also be required to report any changes in your income to Meratas or your respective servicer. Upon withdrawal, being withdrawn, or landing a job (qualified or not) you will send a pay stub, a letter from your employer, or a contractor agreement stating your income to Meratas or your respective servicer on a regular basis.
Full Stack Web Development and Data Science Courses
Backend Development Course
*Your refund policy may vary based on what state you live in. Please see your enrollment agreement for your state's detailed refund policy.