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A mini bootcamp that never ends, full of people learning with you, only $14.99/month

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Frequent New Lectures

Learn the stuff you need to know on your own time. New videos drop 2-3 times per week.


Go from basic JavaScript to building full-fledged apps by building with people from all over the world.


Work on your own time, but with others. LambdaSchool Pro doesn't stop until you do.

javascript code bootcamp


We'll make the lessons and homework available to those registered immediately after the livestream is over. If you can't learn with us you can catch up on your own time.

We'll invite you to LambdaSchool's Slack channel where you can find other students, discuss homework, and even meet up!

The class will be taught by Ben Nelson (@sunjienming), LambdaSchool's lead instructor.

LambdaSchool Pro is Open Now - Lectures Begin March 20, 2017