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After-hours courses begin at 5:30 PM Pacific (8:30 Eastern), allowing anyone in the continental United States (or similar time zones) to tune in after work.


This course will cover basic to advanced programming concepts in JavaScript. These skills lay the foundation for a successful experience in any coding bootcamp. No experience required.

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Miss a lecture? Videos and the community are always available. Learn on your own time.


The mini bootcamp focuses on JavaScript fundamentals. Each day will consist of a video lecture and assignments. You will write a lot of code.

At the conclusion of each lecture the video archive is made available. The archive for the free JavaScript bootcamp. The archive for the free Python bootcamp is also available.

Day 1 (Monday): Intro to JavaScript & Tooling

Variables and operators, Node, GitHub, npm, functions, data types, and the Math object.

Day 2 (Tuesday): Control Flow

If statements, for and while loops, equality, and logical operators.

Day 3 (Wednesday): Data Structures

Arrays, objects, and Array/Object class methods.

Day 4 (Thursday): Advanced JavaScript

Prototype, this, closure, and callbacks.

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We'll make the lessons and homework available to those registered immediately after the livestream is over. If you can't learn with us you can catch up on your own time.

We'll invite you to LambdaSchool's Slack channel where you can find other students, discuss homework, and even meet up!

The class will be taught by Ben Nelson (@sunjienming), LambdaSchool's lead instructor.

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