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MyHouse is a web application that gives homeowners a precise value of their home. The major challenge build this application was getting the data that we needed, but we used several sources and techniques to resolve this struggle. MyHouse was deployed using React, Redux, Node, Express, GraphQL, and a suite of AWS - Serverless tech. The project was a major success due to our ability to plan with intricate detail.
This project was built by:
Anthony Venturini
Web Development
React, Product Management, Javascript
Jordan Stoddard
Web Development
Leadership, React, Project Management
Peter Murphy
Web Development
React, JavaScript, Functional Programming
Peyton Runyan
Data Science
Python, Data Wrangling, Machine Learning
Gabe Samaniego
Web Development
React, CSS, UI/UX Design
Quinn Dougherty
Data Science
Statistical Inference, Data Engineering, Functional Programming