Ship product faster.
Try out our talented engineers risk free for
4 weeks.
Add talented software engineers to your team for a 4 week trial at no cost for your company if you do not hire the fellow.
Get Matched with a Fellow
Why Lambda Fellows?
Lambda Fellows is a 4 week trial for engineers at your company. We’ll help you onboard and deploy a talented software engineer or data scientist to your team for 4 weeks risk free. Lambda School will pay the fellow during the trial. At the end of the fellowship, you can hire your fellow.
Add members to your current team ready to ramp up and contribute quickly
Full stack, front end, iOS, Android, Web Development, and Data Science
Engineers work on a project for 4 weeks
No fees if you do not hire the fellow after the trial.
All candidates are selected by Lambda to best fit your project
US based software engineers
Opportunity to hire the software engineer to continue working with your team
Sample Projects

Redesign the customer onboarding flow

Build a "first-time-customer experience" into the onboarding flow

Create a new view and dashboard for a new category of customer

Create a demo application leveraging your APIs to show what is possible

Create a third-party integration that ingest or feeds data

Is a Fellow right for you?
You are based in the US (or have a US based engineering team)
Your engineering team has at least 4 engineers
You are ready to start a Fellow within the next 4 weeks
You have one dedicated Mentor per Fellow
Your team is working remote (for now)
You have an opening on the team
See what companies think of Lambda Fellows
“She knew how to work with React and Git right away, which is more than I can say for most students coming out of University.”
“Going into this my expectations of Lambda were not high, but I really appreciate how Fellow can unblock himself, he is always looking for a solution when he is stuck. I've worked with people who just wait for help when they get stuck and it wastes time.”
“The biggest thing for me, is that you found the right person for our project. It's a straight value add to the team, he has skills that the team doesn't have. It's the best scenario that I could have expected.”
“I had some interns over the summer from [prestigious university], but this program is more organized than what I experienced with them.”
We Get Asked These A Lot
What is the Lambda School curriculum focused on?
We have Web Development and Data Science tracks - learn more about each here.
How often do Fellows start?
We have new cohorts starting every Monday
Do I get to pick the Fellow?
We’ve spent over 1,000 hours with our students and feel confident in what we know about their skills/capabilities so we will select a student for you based on the project you’ve got in mind.
How many Fellows can I work with at one time?
As many as you’d like! We are asking that there is 1 dedicated mentor per 1 Fellow.
How many hours per week is expected from a mentor?
Other mentors have said they spent between 2-4 hours per week with their Fellow.
Is this a paid program?
Lambda School will pay the Fellow during the 4 week trial.
What if things aren’t working out?
Talk to us.
Are there any costs for the company?
If you do not hire the fellow, there is no cost for this program.  If you hire the fellow, you will pay a fee to Lambda that is equal to what Lambda paid to the fellow during their 4 week trial at your company.