Lambda School’s Curriculum Now Includes Career Search
Jan 31, 2019

The success of our students is our first priority, and this year we made a big change to ensure that every Lambda School alum has the best chance of landing their dream job – we integrated the student job search into the new 9-month Lambda School curriculum. This change will ensure that students have the support they need to build their portfolios, polish their resumes, and practice interviewing, all while they’re completing coursework. And when they finish, we’re there to help them transition to full-time work, too.

Integrated Career Search Starts on Day One

Students will work through our new series of Career and Professional Development workshops over the course of their time in the program, and during the first month of classes, will begin meeting one-on-one with a Lambda School career coach to do the following:

  • Polish their portfolio
  • Build their network
  • Create an actionable job search plan 

After students have gone through our Lambda Labs apprenticeship program and have built a real product to show off to recruiters, they will begin their job search in earnest with their assigned Career Coach. All the while, students will  be participating in our Company Presentations series, where hiring managers with open positions from companies like Stripe, Uber, Etsy, and Twilio recruit students in private Q&A sessions.

Job Celebrations instead of Graduation Ceremonies

As a part of our new focus on getting students hired during their time at Lambda School, we’re phasing out the traditional graduation ceremony in favor of celebrating together when each student lands a job.

Each student will now be encouraged to share their “Offer Selfie” when they land their first job in our weekly Lambda School student newsletter. The  Lambda Offer Selfie is each student’s time to tell their story, recognize people who helped them along their journey, and share any advice they have for their fellow students. 

“ With my new job as a remote customer success engineer at Tackle, I’m nearly tripling the average yearly income I’ve made over the past 5 years. My husband and I will finally be able to start saving for the plans and goals we’ve had in our minds for so long.”

– Lambda School alum Leigh-Ann Friedel with her offer letter from

Course Length is Now Nine Months

To allow for plenty of time for the job search to take place during a student’s time at Lambda School, all full-time Lambda School programs will now be nine months long. The part-time course will be adjusted to 18 months to accommodate the career search curriculum.

Some students will be hired sooner, while others will  continue their career search with the support of our career coaches until they find a job, and when they do, we’ll continue to offer support as they transition to full-time work. We feel that these changes reflect our mission to help make a successful career in tech accessible to anyone, and reaffirm our commitment to helping our students succeed.


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