Find and Hire Diverse, Qualified Candidates at Lambda Showcase

You’re invited to Lambda Showcase – your one-stop shop for finding up-and-coming web developers, data scientists, mobile developers, and UX designers. 

Launching today, September 18, Showcase is a spotlight of our diverse, innovative students and the fully-featured, scalable, and production-ready applications they built during Lambda Labs, our in-house apprenticeship program. 

Every student Showcase presentation is available on-demand, so you can easily fit it into your busy schedule. You’ll also be able to see the tech stack each student used to build their applications, including Node, React, Python, Swift, and more. Plus, if you find someone you think might be a great fit for your team, you can easily book a meeting with them right on the Showcase page.

Here are just a few of the student-built products you’ll see demoed at Showcase:

  • EmPact – an app that helps people experience homelessness find local resources.
  • Slackr – a web and mobile app that helps make morning meetings asynchronous for employees and managers.
  • GeoChat – a location-based anonymous chat application. 
  • Lambda MUD – a combination of an RPG and multi-user dungeon game that uses Canvas and a custom tile set to build a world map. 
  • And many more!

Each student participating in Showcase has been highly trained by industry experts and has 1500+ hours of coding experience, meaning our graduates are well-prepared to help your company grow starting on day one.

How to Attend Lambda Showcase

Ready to find your next rockstar candidate? You can attend Lambda Showcase on-demand by visiting our Showcase page. If you find a student (or five!) who you think might make a great addition to your team, click the “Meet Me” button next to their name to schedule an interview – but don’t wait! We expect these students to be hired quickly, so don’t miss your chance to snag a great candidate. 

See you at Showcase!

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