Building Better Data Transparency at Lambda School

Lambda School’s success depends on student success, and to ensure the success of our students and our school long-term, we must prioritize transparency. That’s why we’re revamping our reporting processes to be more detailed, transparent, and consistent about current student and alumni outcomes.  Lambda School was founded just 24 months ago and it’s time to invest in building the data machine that will support the level of detail and accuracy we want to provide to the public – especially as we grow our student body over the coming years.

What's Next: 

We’re in the process of working through a full audit of our data so we’ll be ready to share accurate data with you quarterly. We are working with a Big Four accounting firm and will be officially reporting as part of our licensing requirements in California and other states. Our goal is to deliver trusted data consistently and to provide insight above and beyond those that are traditionally made available, so you can make the best decisions possible about your educational and hiring options.

We're targeting Q1 of 2020 for publishing our first report, with quarterly updates to follow.

Our Ask:

We’d love your input on the data you would most like to see in these reports. Please share any ideas or feedback at:

Thank you for helping us build a better future for our students.


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