Announcing Lambda School Apprenticeships
Sep 10, 2018

As the next step toward our goal of making Lambda the best place in the world to launch a career, we are launching Lambda School Apprenticeships. Here’s how it works: recruiting partners commit to create a 3-6 month long paid apprenticeship with the potential for a full-time hire at the end, and we take care of sourcing the perfect candidates for the apprenticeship.

Apprenticeships can be the perfect way to partner with Lambda School. As a recruiting partner, you get to give a Lambda graduate experience with your team, your stack, and your work environment before committing to a full-time hire. For Lambda graduates, they get a robust work experience under their belt immediately upon graduation, building on the foundation they acquired during Lambda School.

Apprenticeship requirements:

  • 3-6 month duration
  • Minimum pay of $30/hour
  • Commitment to provide apprentice with a mid or senior level mentor
  • Willingness to evaluate apprentice for full-time hire at the end of the apprenticeship

What do you get in a Lambda apprentice?

You get a hungry Lambda School graduate who has spent 30 weeks demonstrating mastery of core frontend and backend technologies as well as computer science fundamentals. Our grads have experience with frontend technologies like HTML, CSS, and Javascript using React; backend technologies like Node, SQL, Python and Django, and they have completed a 10-week computer science curriculum focused on data structures, algorithms, and computer architecture, most of which is done in the C language. They have completed our in-house apprenticeship program, Lambda Labs, where they worked in teams to deliver real-world, live projects you can view today. They have learned from world class instructors who have experience at companies like Google, Apple, and more. Most importantly, our students are persistent and have learned how to learn, so whatever your stack is, they can ramp up quickly and contribute.  

You can learn more about how to hire a Lambda apprentice here.

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