Announcing Lambda Fellows: A New Way for Graduates Get Hands-on Experience
Dec 8, 2020
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As you check out Amazon Pharmacy, know that some of that user experience was built by graduates of Lambda School. When you download MacOS Big Sur, again, some of that was built by Lambda graduates. When you unbox your PlayStation or send your next tweet, the software that makes it possible was built in part by Lambda grads, most of whom have no degree, let alone a degree in computer science. Instead, our full-time students spend 6-12 months in an intensive, hands-on experience, and for our part-time students, the program is close to two years. This ensures that they graduate ready to be effective employees right away.

And today, I’m thrilled to announce the launch of a new job placement program for these qualified, ambitious Lambda graduates: the Lambda Fellows program. 

What is the Lambda Fellows program?

Lambda Fellows is a four-week, real-world learning experience where Lambda graduates work at a host company on a trial basis. During the fellowship, Lambda School will pay your fellow. If you decide to hire them at the end of the fellowship, you pay Lambda back. If not, you pay $0. 

We’ve had over 30 students participate in the Fellows program so far. Out of those who have already completed their four-week fellowship, 43% of them have received an offer to stay at the host company.

Why you should consider hiring a Lambda Fellow

  • Meet your highest-impact goals faster
  • All candidates are selected by Lambda to best fit your project and are ready to start contributing right away
  • All candidates are available for immediate hire after completing the fellowship
  • No fees if you choose not to hire the fellow
  • Full stack, front end, iOS, Android, Web Development, and Data Science talent available, depending on your needs

Here are just a few of the projects Lambda Fellows have worked on at their host companies:

  • Redesigning the customer onboarding flow and creating a "first-time user" experience
  • Creating new dashboards for new categories of users
  • Creating a demo app using API to help customers understand potential use cases
  • Setting up integrations with third-party apps via API to ingest and feed data

How to hire a Lambda Fellow

Here’s what we look for in new host companies:

  1. Your company must be US-based and have at least 10 employees minimum with 4+ engineers;
  2. You are looking to expand your engineering and/or data team;
  3. You have a meaningful project for the Fellow to work on;
  4. You are ready to start a fellow within the next 6 weeks;
  5. Your company is working remotely or open to remote work; and
  6. You have dedicated Mentors to work with Fellows throughout the duration of the fellowship – one mentor per fellow.

We are launching a cohort of Lambda Fellows every Monday starting January 11th and we want to talk to as many interested companies as possible about participating! If you’re interested, we invite you to learn more about the Lambda Fellows program or schedule an introductory call with our placement team.

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