2019: A Year Of Incredible Growth

Happy New Year! 

I can't wait for all of the innovation and success to come in 2020, but for a moment, I'd like to look back on 2019 and how much progress we made together at Lambda School.

During 2019:

Lambda School Team Retreat December 2018

Lambda School Staff December 2018
The Lambda School team at our 2018 retreat in Florida.

When this photo was taken, Lambda School had about 40 employees. We had just announced that we’d raised $30 million, and had recently launched a cohort with 100 students, which felt crazy-high. We had only a few developers on our team, no data team, and a marketing team of one, but we knew we were on the cusp of something special.

Lambda School Retreat: December 2019 

Lambda School Staff December 2019
The (significantly larger) Lambda School team at our 2019 retreat in California.

Most importantly, 2019 was a hugely successful year for our students. We processed 60,000 applications this year – 50 percent more than Harvard – and admitted many new students to our full-time and part-time courses. We’ll be sharing more about student outcomes in Q1 of 2020, but I wanted to end with a few of my favorite student success stories from this year that make all of the hard work worth it:

Yasirah Krueng

Arundo Analytics

Yasirah Krueng
Yasirah Krueng

“My time at Lambda has been one of the most challenging period of my life, taking a FT course with 3 young kids ages 5-11 is a lot, but I made it! 

So, for those of you, Lambda moms and dads out there, I know you're doing the almost impossible thing, but this is all worth it. When I told my three daughters that mommy now has a job, I know that they are very proud of me (the youngest one keep saying 'mommy you are a real Hacker now').”

Joshua Vandergriff

Dealer Inspire

Joshua Vandergriff
Joshua Vandergriff

“I got the (offer) call when I was crying at my grandmother’s table. "Josh, we were beyond impressed with your dedication to the auto industry and the tech you have learned in so short of a time, we would love to have you join us!". I froze, dropped my phone and almost passed out. I could not believe it.”

Alexis Carr


Alexis Carr
Alexis Carr

“I JUST GOT AN OFFER AT EVENTBRITE AS A SOFTWARE ENGINEER!!!! And have an offer pending as a data scientist at another company in the Bay Area. I’m in my Uber coming back home from another interview ugly crying. Thank you so much Lambda School for taking a chance on me with the living stipend and to all of the staff who didn’t let me quit when my imposter syndrome got really bad!”

These student stories are what drives the Lambda School team. Our one and only mission at Lambda School unlocking the potential of everyone, regardless of circumstance, and that work is paying off for our students. 

And we’re just getting started. 

Cheers to 2020 – and thank you for being on this journey with us.


Austen Allred, CEO and Co-founder of Lambda School

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