Student Story
Vera Mendes
Business Intelligence Analyst
Video Transcript

My name is Vera, I graduate from DS8 in Lambda. As in data science.

I always liked statistics and probabilities. And I always thought like, you know. I really like to do something in this area. So data science was very appealing to me and one of my friends told me about Lambda.

So that's when I decided to start the program. My first days at Lambda. They're, they're quite hard because I never had like a remote setup. And it was really weird.

But then the fact that we have we had people all the time with us and like doing one on ones with team leads by the time and had like all my colleagues that you start having some kind of relationship. You start talking to them, taking some help. Or helping them getting some explanation going into zoom together.

That kind of created a complete different feeling for me and a different perspective of what would be to be remote. People were really helpful. I can tell that my cohort we kind of had a good relationship and seeing the success of other people helping other colleagues, other students.

It's really powerful. It really puts you in the point that you feel I'm really doing something not only for me, but for other people. So the community it's it's a big thing in Lambda.

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