Student Story
Susanna McDonald
Data Scientist
Video Transcript

My name is Susanna McDonald. I am from Austin, Texas. And at Lambda School I was in the fourth web cohort.

My journey to Lambda School started actually when I was a, well it started, started at the end of me being a math teacher in Vermont. It was so rural there no jobs around. And so I was trying to figure out like, what's my next move here. When I found Lambda School and, and I like at first I of course, thought it was too good to be true. Like there has to be a catch. And so then I like read through everything. I was like, "No, I mean this, this makes sense. Like the business model makes sense and why they would be setting it up this way."

The tuition deferment was a huge thing because like I had been looking at other coding bootcamps and the you know, I just I did not have $10,000, $15,000 any of that. That was a huge, I couldn't go to those coding schools.

I think that a thing like Lambda School is necessary and it has the potential to very much, like change people's futures and outcomes. It opens the door for so many more people to have access to education, and bettering their lives and that in turn gives people hope, and I'm grateful for it because I think that positivity and grit like you need that once you get the door open, but you can't open the door with just positivity and grit. It's not going to open, someone else has to open the door for you.

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