Student Story
Leianne Louis
Software Engineer
Video Transcript

So I went to FAU for like a year and a half, and then it got really expensive so I moved back home.

While I was back home, I got a job – I was just a food runner. And then I happen to be scrolling through Instagram one day and saw an advertisement for Lambda School. So I applied there and I got in. That was back in November.

Since November, I've just been doing Lambda School full-time. And then in July, I graduated and then I started applying for jobs. I applied to the Twitter apprenticeship. And I did my phone interview, did my on site interview, and then I got it.

Just going through like this past year, I've just found a lot more purpose. To not have that traditional background and be able to get an apprenticeship with Twitter and have such an increase in my pay, like oh my gosh, what a big increase it is. And for me to actually feel like now like 'okay, I'm set.' And I know now the sky's the limit and I know I'm gonna learn so much at Twitter and be able to do so much more. That is what excites me and everyone else like in my family.

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