Student Story
John Morrison
Associate Data Scientist
Florida Blue
Video Transcript

I was going to college at University of North Florida here in Jacksonville. And when I started, I wanted to do so many different things. I was deciding between four different majors, because I wanted something that would allow me to use multiple skills and interests.

So I went into research. I was doing research here at Mayo Clinic, and I had a friend who was doing data science. He mentioned Lambda School and several other bootcamps, I started looking into all of them. Lambda School seemed to be the best fit because they required the least amount of previous experience, as well as covered more materials so that I didn't feel scared that I'd leave a bootcamp without any real experience or knowledge.

Once I started to do the pre coursework for Lambda, that's when I started to really get more excitement for it. I started to realize this is where I can finally use multiple skills – data science, problem solving, and a lot of computer programming – but then you also need to involve statistics sometimes, or just general problem solving skills to understand what's going on with the data.

And then you also need to work with a team because as a data scientist, you're never really just doing something on your own.

If it wasn't for finally getting out of my comfort zone and taking the leap of faith, I would still be doing the research with no progress forward, possibly applying for something I didn't want to and still just be stuck circling on the floor thinking of what to do.

Lambda School has definitely given me more hope because all I've really wanted is just financial stability, ability to travel a little more and just to relax and enjoy life more. And everyone I've seen in a tech job, just loves it. I've definitely been more hopeful and optimistic on where I can go now.

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