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Jackee Rohrich
Batch Operator
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I was a cosmetologist, I was working on my way to being a national educator for Paul Mitchell, when I throw a roll of duct tape up to the roof, and retore on my shoulder, and they said I would have to change my career.

Growing up, I was always interested in building computers. And it wasn't until I met my boyfriend that I didn't realize anyone know anything about programming. And so I was like, why don't you teach me how to code. And so that's when he had randomly followed Austen. Austen's Twitter led him to Lambda, and he's like "it's a long shot, but try" and I wrote a ridiculous like, application to get in. And I made it.

First and foremost, I am a mom, I have two beautiful kids as they're both on the autism spectrum. And so for me, like that was a big drag for me, like I wanted them to know that mom could be more than just mom. And a lot of their life, I stayed home with them. So to make them where they're at, they were non verbal, severe, and now they are high functioning Asperger's. And I now need them to know that they can keep doing more and more, there's no limitations.

With Lambda. I think they've backed me the whole way. They've made sure that my imposter syndrome was really just that it was imposter syndrome that gave me the confidence to speak in front of people and to teach people and the opportunity to watch other students grow and, and follow their like their past and seeing them get their jobs. I tripled whatever made my entire life. I met a company that I didn't think would ever look twice at me for my application. And only because I went through Lambda did I have the confidence to do that.

It gave me faith back at myself, that I lost a long time ago because maybe I believed that I was just a hairdresser.

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