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Farjad Fazli
Software Engineer
Video Transcript

My name is Farjad. I'm a Lambda School grad. And I'm currently working as a software engineer at Arist. I've been kind of like a tech geek from a young age, built my first computer when I was 13 years old.

In high school, I took an AP economics class. And I really liked economics as a field of study. When I got to college, I chose economics as my major, the traditional career path for econ majors is that you do some internship on Wall Street. But then when I got to my first internship, what I learned that summer is that I don't want to be doing this for the rest of my life, which I think was an important lesson.

You know, it's important to know like, what you want to do, and also what is not a good fit for you. So I decided to pivot into software engineering. And that's how I learned about Lambda school, I started my first class and I was doing it part time initially.

I switched to full time over the summer. And then I got endorsed in October, did the job search for about two months and just got hired a couple of weeks ago, it was pretty hectic, but I learned a lot. And you know, I told myself that if this is what it's going to take in order to you know, make a change in my life, then it's worth it. I always thought that I would work in something related to technology. And now that, you know, I'm in software, it's really a dream come true.

You know, and I feel incredibly blessed and I'm incredibly thankful for, for the opportunities that I've been given. I think it's amazing what Lambda School is doing and the opportunity that they provide for people like me.

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