Student Story
Farhan Farooqui
Mobile Developer
Concha Labs
Video Transcript

My name is Farhan. I was born to Indian parents in Connecticut. What lambda is really nailed, is the ability to be able to learn the new technology tools that are built, because like already stuff that I learned a year ago is kind of become outdated and that's no longer like the right way to do things. But I've since since I got on my job, and I got studying for interviews, I was very, very quickly able to learn stuff on my own. And just like pick up stuff from documentation. I knew my intuition was built but, hey, if I want to prepare an app this way, then even though I've never done it before, I can kind of intuitively think of like the structure and what are what the what are the tools I'll need.

I think no other school does that engineering programs across the country. I've worked at Stanford, I've worked at my school back in Dubai, I started like the first technology program there. I taught coding in a village in India and like my dad's ancestral village in the 10th grade, I took a year off High School. Like, nobody teaches technology that way. And I think that's that's really an undersell and no one, like looks at Lambda, people look at Lambda for the community. And yeah, that's those are all great aspects of it. But the truth is, it makes people self sufficient, which in today's world is like unheard of. And that's why they appreciate Lambda students so much at work.

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