Troy Bradley
Perry, Iowa
Job Title
Chief Technology Officer, Aeromates Co.
Lambda Class
Full Stack Web and Data Science

I knew my career was going to be non-traditional, because the traditional paths were all turning out to be dead ends. I was looking at several bootcamps and was trying to figure out where I could come up with the $10,000 to $20,000 to get into one. Then I found Lambda and thought, ‘Not only are they being innovative in their business model, but their innovation means they teach what people are hiring for or they don't get paid.’

I've always been analytical about things. With programming, you get near-instant feedback with why something works or why it doesn't work. That's what I find most rewarding about coding.

Every time you learn something, it's a good thing that the next week you start something new. Otherwise you'd think, ‘I can do this now.’ With the curriculum moving on, you just have to keep up. Every week I felt like I gained a new power. 

One of the main reasons that I wanted to improve my income is so that I can help my mom retire more comfortably. And I need more. I either need my work to be more emotionally rewarding or I need it to be more financially rewarding so I can get the emotional rewards from doing good somewhere else. 

"Now I'm looking at job opportunities and I'm evaluating them versus just applying to everything I see hoping that they will evaluate me favorably."

That mentality is a complete change from what I was doing before. 

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