Susanna McDonald
San Francisco, CA
Job Title
Data Scientist
Lambda Class
Data Science

I was a liberal arts major in Asian studies. I had a narrative in my head that this was my trajectory and that I was supposed to be a writer. I was accepted into graduate school but couldn't afford it. I ended up a math teacher. I never thought I was going to like it, but it opened me up to data science.

When I found Lambda school I thought it was too good to be true. The tuition deferment was a huge moment of hope for me.

"They were willing to take a risk on me in a way that I hadn't felt in a long time."

There are plenty of opportunities to learn coding on the internet, but having the social accountability and someone to distill the information makes the biggest difference. The live instruction and the help makes Lambda school so good. 

After Lambda, I worked in the Insight Data Science Fellows program identifying online sex trafficking ads through text analysis models to better help victims. It is a major problem in the US and is solvable if we just had the resources. I am now taking the applicable pieces and writing it so it can be used for NGOs. We could find a lot more information if we just created one seamless system. Those are the kind of problems I'm really interested in.

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