Moises Dobarganes
Miami, FL
Job Title
Software Engineer IV, Availity
Lambda Class
Full Stack Web

“I’m originally from Cuba. I came to the United States on my 16th birthday. 

I've had all kinds of different jobs. I like to solve problems but whenever I solved them I moved on. I didn't find happiness and didn't think I had purpose. In Miami a hurricane came in and I lost my job. I had to file bankruptcy. I just thought, what the heck, I'm going to reinvent myself.

I didn't have the money to go back to school. I liked to make websites and I did some coding, but I didn’t feel good enough until I went through Lambda.

When I started Lambda my wife was in Cuba, so I had to support her while she was on her way to the US, which is a very expensive ordeal for immigration papers and travel. I got a job as a security officer cause I could do it at night while studying. It was not easy, but I used that time to study and expand my knowledge.

Now I'm a Software Engineer for Availity. People see me different and ask me for advice because I've succeeded.

"I've tried many things and this is the one thing that I've done the best. I owe it all to Lambda and how accessible it was to me. In turn I’ve tried to help others.”

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