Leianne Louis
Boulder, CO
Job Title
Apprentice Software Engineer, Twitter
Lambda Class
Full Stack Web

“I'm a first-generation American and my mom sacrificed a lot to get here. My mom was a server and worked every day to get us to go to private school. She worked to give me everything that she didn't have.

Before Lambda school I went to a university. It got super expensive so I had to leave. Then I was a tier-two technician in Miami doing help desk support, creating reports, and doing database lookups. I happened to be scrolling through Instagram and saw an advertisement for Lambda School. I had been looking at coding bootcamps, but they were expensive, like $20,000 upfront. Lambda school was the only one with an ISA. So I applied, did my interview, and got in. I graduated in July 2019 and started applying for jobs. I applied to the Twitter apprenticeship and got it. 

“To not have that traditional background and schooling background and to be able to get a job and an apprenticeship with Twitter and have such an increase in my pay have been amazing. And, oh my gosh, what a big increase it is. And I know now the sky's the limit.”

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