Joram Clervius
Los Angeles, CA
Job Title
Senior Platform Engineer, Jam City
Lambda Class
Full Stack Web

“I was born and raised in Haiti until I moved to Florida and then to Michigan in 2018. I developed an interest in tech in high school. I started to design my own MySpace pages and wanted to figure out how to change those designs myself.

I started college through the biology route. I ended up dropping out and going back to web design. I taught myself enough to be able to pick up a couple of freelance clients and put up a website for them. That fueled my interest in web development. When I found out about Lambda School I felt it would teach me the skills I needed to legitimately break into the tech industry and become a software engineer.

Now I’m a Senior Platform Engineer at Jam City based in Los Angeles. It's a mobile video game company. I’m leading the whole front-end system and am working on a project connecting the work of different teams and some of the greatest engineers I've ever met in my life. This is my first time I've gotten a position where not only do I get to hit the ground running but I actually get to see myself making progress every day. 

"I graduated Lambda School in February of 2018, and I started working at my job just before that. A month after I got hired, I started to pay my ISA. Now I've paid off my whole ISA. I am where I am because of them.”

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