Jackee Rohrich
Bismarck, North Dakota
Job Title
QA Lead, Prominent Technology, Inc.
Lambda Class
Full Stack Web

In 2003 I joined the army and got injured during basic training. I broke my pelvic bone and I had to go to rehabilitation.

Growing up I was always interested in building computers, but I didn’t know anything about programming. I became a cosmetologist. I was working my way to being a national educator when I re-tore my shoulder and couldn't do my career anymore.

I started reading about Lambda school and saw a video of it while I was still doing hair. At the time they only took 5% of people, so it was a long shot. 

I graduated in September 2018. I even got the first Lambda tattoo, the new shield on my ankle. Even if they change the logo, it’s from when I graduated. Now I work for a top four consulting firm that I didn't think would ever look twice at me or my application. They are the greatest group of people I've ever met.

I have two beautiful kids, both on the autism spectrum. I wanted them to know that mom could be more than just mom. There are no limitations, even if you have a disability.

"Lambda, they've backed me the whole way. They've made sure that my imposter syndrome was really just that. Now I’ve tripled what I ever made my entire life."

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