Charles Rogers
Yukon, Oklahoma
Job Title
Web Developer
Lambda Class
Full Stack Web

“It’s no secret that I was in prison. I was a gang member. I went from the military helping people and wanting to do good for my community to doing 11 years of time. After I got out, I joined the electrical union. The work is good while there is work. If there's no work, you get laid off. I got tired of it because I would have to dip into my nest egg again and again. 

I had been laid off a week before, and I saw a commercial for Lambda on YouTube. I told my wife     and she was like, ‘You have at least six months of income coming in, so go ahead.’ I had looked at other bootcamps and they're like, ‘we’ll finance you so you can get a loan,’ but I have horrible credit. When I went to prison that goes on credit. I couldn’t just get a personal loan with no guarantee that I was going to end up with a job.

 I went to a university. I have FAFSA, student loans, and worked, and I didn't even get a degree. So in the grand scheme of things, Lambda is backing you. They're saying, we believe in our curriculum, in our methodology of teaching. You only pay us when you find a job in the tech field making $50,000 or more. That's a no-brainer to me. I get all this education and if I don't make $50,000 I don't pay you?

"If it hadn't been for the ISA, I would have never programmed. You know what I mean? Lambda does everything possible to get every single person to succeed."

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