Aaron Burk
Arlington, Texas
Job Title
Full Stack Engineer, Cognizant
Lambda Class
Full Stack Web

I was a hospice chaplain. I'd done that kind of work long enough and it was overwhelming.  I was asking myself, ‘...Is there something else for me?'

I'm 47. I was 46 or 45 when I applied to Lambda School. I'm not getting any younger. I don't have any retirement. I'd already gotten into a ton of debt, and my credit was not very good. I couldn't imagine any way that I could pay up front for a school, whether that was college, or coding school, or anything really, so Lambda was a unique opportunity. 

For someone like me who's never had a technical job, Lambda was perfect because software engineering means constantly learning. It teaches the ability to pick up new technology and learn it. And I enjoyed Lambda partially because people like me can go to it. I found a lot of nontraditional students like me in my class.

I love doing software engineering and I have a job now that is so easy. It's like I get to go to school and learn every day and get paid for it.

"I really appreciate that Lambda School invested first in me rather than me investing in them."

Hopefully I'm giving them a return on their investment now.

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