For US Veterans: Your pathway to a new tech career

Lambda School and Shift are working together to help US Veterans become software engineers.  The Shift Pathways Program offers financial benefits, targeted career support and an immersive work experience to help Veterans find the next career they will love.
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To qualify, applicants must first be selected into the program by Shift and then meet  standard Lambda School admissions criteria - including the completion of all pre-course work.

This  program will only be available for incoming Lambda School students. 

Shift Pathway participants have the option to apply for tuition assistance, and will benefit from targeted career support for Veterans.
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Take live, structured classes with instant, one-on-one help whenever you need it.

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You’ll build product-ready applications with a team of 6-8 students from other tracks.

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Pay nothing until you make it
You won't pay any tuition until you've landed a job making at least $50,000 a year.
About Shift
Shift is a career change company that facilitates DoD SkillBridge internships for military servicemembers transitioning into the workforce. Shift Pathways participants that graduate from Lambda School will receive additional career coaching support and gain access to their partner company network throughout the country.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Who is eligible for this program?  And how do I apply?
To qualify, applicants must be US Veterans and new to the Lambda School program. Applicants must first be selected by Shift into Shift Pathways and then meet standard Lambda School admissions criteria - including the completion of all pre-course work.
What are the benefits of Shift Pathways?
Practical technical programs like Lambda School are not covered by the G.I. Bill, creating another barrier to entry for US Veterans. Shift Pathway participants will also benefit from targeted career support which reflects their military experience.
When are applications due?
Applications and admissions will be rolling throughout 2020. Learn more about the Shift Pathways program at
How many participants will be accepted into Shift Pathways?
We have a shared target of 500+ program participants throughout 2020
Who can I contact for more information?
Please direct your questions to:
Support SMS: 205-557-4935
Shift Pathways website: (includes FAQ)
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