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Help the next wave of aspiring developers and data scientists find the next stop in their careers.
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Why mentor?
Invest in people
Give back to your local community and help new developers and data scientists launch their careers, prepare for jobs, and grow.
Recruit talent
Be the first to mentor talented students and help them become high quality candidates for your company or industry.
Help place students
Earn bonuses when you help a student get a job. You can keep the bonus, donate to a STEM charity, or sponsor more students in their Lambda journey.
How mentoring works
Get started by applying to become a mentor. Let us know why you want to be a Lambda Mentor and how you can help our students. We’ll ask you for a bit more info to help with matching if your application looks like a good fit.

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Get matched with a student
Lambda School will pair you with a student that can learn from your experience. Whenever possible, we work to find a local match to help build your student’s network in a new industry. 
Meet with your student
Commit to meeting with your student once per week virtually for 45 - 60 minutes. Lambda School will provide you with a 10 session mentorship worksheet to help guide your sessions. Along the way we ask for feedback from mentors and students to help improve the program. Let us know when a student might benefit from extra guidance from a Lambda School career coach.
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