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Blockchain is one of the fastest growing and most dynamic areas in tech today. As the backbone of Web3, blockchain has extended beyond the cryptocurrency space and into the broader business world. In doing so, blockchain has captured the imagination of many of the world's best programmers and entrepreneurs, along with billions in investment. Join the next frontier of the Internet with Lambda School’s new Web3 Development Program.
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In-demand skills

We’re designing the curriculum with feedback from some of the largest companies and employers in the space.

Part-time, flexible schedule

You don’t have to quit your job to learn. Available to international learners.

All practice, just enough theory

You’ll build real-world, portfolio-ready projects.
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Live, online tech classes with real-time collaboration. Pay nothing until you get a job paying at least $50k.
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Learn to write programs in Solidity on the Ethereum blockchain.
You will learn:
How blockchains work and their use cases
How to write smart contracts and deploy to mainnet
The development tools and design patterns used by Web3 professionals 
How to build a dapp, or decentralized application, end to end
Smart contract security and optimization best practices 
Deep dive into the various verticals of crypto: NFTs, Layer 2 protocols, DeFi, and beyond
More details coming soon
We are finalizing the program design with input from learners and employers. Start date, duration, and cost are still being finalized. This course will have an upfront payment option (does not require an ISA) and will be offered part-time at convenient times. Open to international learners. We are targeting a late 2021, early 2022 start date.
Lambda works because it works differently.
Experience live, cross-team collaboration.
Build real-world projects for your portfolio.
Meet daily with a small team to keep you on track.
Prep for interviews with career coaches and mentors.
Connect with hiring managers in Lambda's network.
A new school of thought.
Lambda is designed for student success. We don't get paid until you do, so we're in this together, from your first of classes to your first day on the job — and beyond.
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