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We’re excited to launch the Lambda Leadership Program, which will provide opportunities for all participants to build fundamental leadership skills as part of our curriculum.
Employers think leadership skills are critical
In an increasingly competitive and ever-evolving job market, employers are looking for new hires who not only have technical knowledge, but also the ability to work collaboratively with others, communicate clearly, and engage effectively within teams.
of hiring managers agree soft skills are increasingly important.
~ LinkedIn's 2019 Global Talent Trend Report
"Being able to walk through your thought process and understand the 'why' for what you are doing is a crucial skill that is constantly mentioned by employers."
~ Lambda's Outcomes team
Graduates say leadership experience has been life-changing
Lambda School's leadership curriculum has been used in the past in our Student Leadership Program, which trains Team Leads (TL) or Section Leads (SL) to support other students. As a result of our leadership curriculum, TLs and SLs are hired faster, have higher starting salaries, and report a greater sense of confidence than other students. We want everyone to experience these leadership benefits, which was the driving inspiration for creating the Lambda Leadership Program.

Hear what TLs and SLs have to say about leadership skills:
How the new Lambda Leadership Program works
All current students at Lambda have the option to participate in the two core components of the program: Peer Mentorship and Track Teams.
Peer Mentorship
We’re building a consistent practice of mentoring and receiving mentorship that gives every student the opportunity to explain their thought process behind the code, which is a skillset used daily on the job and a critical part of interviewing for jobs.

Students will meet regularly with someone two units behind them, and with someone two units ahead of them. Once in Labs, students will be matched with an industry mentor.
Track Teams
Stand-ups have always served as a critical piece of community and support at Lambda. We have improved the model to provide more stability and leadership opportunities. Track Teams will be made up of students from within the same track throughout all stages of the program, providing students with the opportunity to mentor each other.

Students will get real-world leadership experience by taking on different roles to facilitate meetings, critique work, provide feedback, and more. Plus, Track Teams work together during Build Weeks, and if a student flexes, they stay with their group.
See what students think of Lambda Leadership
We have been testing the new program with small pilot groups over the last few months. See what student participants have to say:
“I love group work! I don't like secluding myself –I get burnt out and I love the social aspect of it all.”
“The rotating roles forces you to open up and get a little uncomfortable. Everyday you are being challenged and I know thats when I am learning and growing”
“It gives me an opportunity to go back and refresh on some basics, and I think my mentee is able to see some things they might have otherwise had to struggle through.”
“My mentor helped me work through a complicated part of today’s project that I was stuck on and helped me understand how to solve it on my own in the future.”
“I’m beginning to see how it all comes down to knowing yourself better and being confident in what you can bring to the table.”
“It reminded me to know as much as possible about the people you’re leading to make sure they’re using their strengths and feel valued.”
“I really enjoying giving the mentee confidence and helpful tips around thriving in the day-to-day flow of learning code and going through Lambda.”
“I am still amazed at how much in common I have with the team. We've gotten to know each other, and by doing so we are mindful of one another.”
What does this mean for you?
Pick the box that best describes your current role at Lambda to see what you can expect with this new leadership curriculum.
If you are early in the program (Units 1 & 2), you’ll be matched with a peer mentor and will get extra 1:1 support from someone further along in their journey. If you’re later in your core program, you’ll both be matched with a peer mentor and will serve as a peer mentor. If you are in CS, you’ll serve as a peer mentor. You’ll also be assigned to a Track Team, which will be made up of students from each cohort in your track.
If you are in Labs, you’ll be matched with a mentee and an industry mentor. Instead of participating in Track Teams, Labs students will continue to work with their Labs project teams. 
We're happy to hear that you're interested in attending! Lambda School has the depth of a 4-year degree and the practicality of a bootcamp. The new addition of Lambda Leadership will help you master skills that will set you apart and help get you noticed by hiring managers.

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