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WellBroomed is an application that helps short-term rental property managers keep track of and delegate the various cleaning and turnover tasks that must be completed between guest check-ins. Property managers can invite partners that can be assigned to properties. These partners will be notified whenever a new guest is expected, and will have the cleaning tasks for that property generated for them automatically. Built entirely in JavaScript, it uses React/Redux on the front-end and Node/Express on the backend with a PostgreSQL relational database, accessible from a RESTful API. WellBroomed gave us an opportunity to address a real-world problem with a technically challenging solution. Each property has its own checklist template, which is instanced every time a guest is created, helping to simplify the otherwise tedious process of needing to evaluate a property's cleaning tasks with each new guest.
This project was built by:
Adam Reid
Web Development
JavaScript, React, Node
Kevin Tena
Web Development
React, NodeJS, Spring
Max Kajiwara
Web Development
React, Javascript, PostgreSQL