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TrainingBot 2.0
TrainingBot 2.0 helps companies and managers better manage employee training materials and communications around those materials. written in React, Redux, Node, Express, and Postgres with Slack, Stripe, Auth0, SendGrid, and Twilio API integration. The team inherited code from TrainingBot 1.0 and fixed bugs, added features from 3rd party API's, and refactored a lot of the code base to allow for better scalability for future functionalities as well with more documentation and technical aids in place for TrainingBot 3.0+ going forward.
This project was built by:
Gannon Darcy
Web Development
React, JavaScript, Node
Adam McKenney
Web Development
React, Javascript, Python
Nicholas Cannariato
Web Development
Backend, Devops, Python
Thomas Hessburg
Web Development
React, Express, Algorithms/General Critical Thinking
AJ Brush
Web Development
React, Redux, JavaScript