Lambda Showcase
Your go-to place for finding your next rockstar candidate. Take a look at the projects our students have built in Lambda Labs. is a web app that gives users an overview of public sentiment analysis on any stock, at any time, on demand. For example, helps you make informed decisions about whether to buy or sell, given a stock's price, Twitter sentiment, and careful analysis from our machine learning model. This project had the scope of a 5-week project, but our team was able to hit all of our targets and build the entire project in one week. Schedule a meeting with us to learn more!
This project was built by:
Kai Lovingfoss
Web Development
React, Python, Javascript
Derek Shing
Data Science
Python, machine learning, SQL
Isaac Aderogba
Web Development
React, JavaScript, UX Design
Jonathan Taylor
Web Development
JavaScript, React, Node/Express
Chris Louie
Data Science
Python Tensorflow AWS
Ruben Ponce
Web Development
React, Spring, CSS
Victor Ruiz
iOS Development
Swift, Objective-C, REST Services
William Connatser
Web Development
Javascript, React, Vue
William VanOrder
Web Development
React, Redux, Responsive Design