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SpotiFinder is a music recommendation engine designed to discover the best music you've never heard. We examined over 100,000 Spotify songs and developed recommendations for each track based on the similarity to the original. This project is a collaborative effort of the Data Science, Full Stack Web and UX students at Lambda School.
This project was built by:
Tina Kovacova
Data Science
Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Marketing
Christopher Tolbert
Data Science
Python, Scikit-Learn, Recommender Systems
Daniel Martin-Alarcon
Data Science
Python, pandas, scikit-learn
Jean-Francois Sebagh
Web Development
React, Node.js, JavaScript
Max McFerren
Web Development
React, Redux, SQL
Chris Schroeder
Data Science
Python, Pandas, Storytelling.
Lowell Richardson
Web Development
React, Redux, Node