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RxID allows users to track, schedule, log their experiences with, and identify their medication via image. It is a full-stack web app that works alongside a data science API to give users a specific feature set focused on medication tracking and identification. Tech: React, Reduc, Node, AWS Rekognition, OpenCV image filtering.
This project was built by:
Chance Embrey-Farquhar
Web Development
React, NodeJS, JavaScript
Carlos Gutierrez
Data Science
Python, SQL, Machine Learning
Christopher Foster
Web Development
Javacript, Python, React/Redux
Victor Goico
Web Development
JavaScript, React, Express
Mark Oliver
Data Science
AI, Python, JavaScript
Jacob Angulo
Web Development
React, node, python
Edgardo Chin
Data Science
Python, Tensorflow, SQL
Jubilee Young
Web Development
JavaScript, Python, Amazon Web Services