ISAs at a glance
Pay $0 tuition until you land a high-paying job
Lambda covers your tuition costs until you're making at least $50,000 a year. There's no downpayment.
Monthly payments are based on what you earn
When you do land a job, you'll start to make monthly payments based on a percentage of your income.
Stop paying once you've reached the cap
You're 100% free from any obligation to us once you've reached the cap or the payment schedule ends.
ISAs are only available for US programs. Learn more
Your ISA is complete when one of these things happens:
You've made 24 payments.
You've paid a total of $30k.
You’ve accumulated 60 months of deferred monthly payments, even if you’ve paid nothing.
Let's look at the numbers
The ISA only kicks in once you're making at least $50k.
You'll pay 17% of your income for 24 months.
Regardless of how high your salary gets, you'll never pay more than $30k
If you stop earning income, your ISA pauses. There's no interest.
5 yrs
Your ISA expires after you’ve accumulated five years of deferred monthly payments, even if you’ve paid nothing.
You can choose to pay $30k upfront for Lambda tuition instead of doing an ISA.
Want to know how much you'll be paying each month toward your ISA once you start making at least $50k? Our ISA servicer, Meratas, can help you estimate your monthly ISA payment.
Calculate your ISA
Our ISA is an investment
in you
Lambda School only makes money if you land a job making $50k or more. And once you complete the payment period or reach the payment cap, you are 100% free from any financial obligation to us.

Visit our FAQ for more on ISAs. Not interested in an ISA? Learn about paying tuition upfront instead.
Tuition & Income Share Agreement (ISA) Questions
Important Note: The FAQs below explains certain tuition and ISA features and terms, but do not override any terms in the Income Share Agreement (ISA) itself. Students should read their enrollment agreement and ISA contract(s) carefully to understand their terms.
What is an ISA and how does it work?
An ISA is a way to pay your Lambda School tuition. A Lambda School ISA is a contract under which you agree to pay 17% of your post-Lambda School salary for 24 months, but only once you're making more than $50,000 per year (or the equivalent of $4,166.66 per month). The ISA is capped at a maximum repayment of $30,000, so you won’t pay more than $30,000 under any circumstances.

This is our way of investing in you. We select students we believe will be successful, and cover your tuition until you're in a financial position to pay us back.
What is the true cost of Lambda School for students who elect to use an ISA?
Lambda School tuition is $30,000. You can elect to pay upfront or via an ISA.

Because ISA payments are based on income and the maximum number of monthly payments is 24, any one student who elects to use an ISA might pay less than the full $30,000 tuition of Lambda School.  

If you do not land a high paying job, you do not pay Lambda School anything. If you land a high-paying job, the most you will pay is $30,000.  

If you use an ISA, depending on your income after completing your Lambda School program, you will pay somewhere between $0 and $30,000, in 24 monthly payments based on your income. 

After you reach the payment cap or complete your 24th monthly payment, you are free of obligation under the ISA.

For example, if you get a job paying $60,000/year, you’re earning $5,000 per month. 17% of $5,000 is $850, so you pay $850 that month for your ISA. You make 17% payments on your income every month until you’ve made 24 monthly payments.  The total amount you will pay is $20,400.     

Below is a chart illustrating the total amount you will pay under the ISA payment option in various earning scenarios.  
Can I see an example ISA?
Yes, you can see a template of the agreement we use with Meratas here and a template of the agreement we have used with Leif here.
What are the interest rates for the ISA?
ISAs are not loans so they have no interest.
Is the repayment amount on an ISA calculated before or after taxes?
The 17% is a percentage of your gross income, i.e. before taxes.
When do my ISA repayments start?
Your ISA payments start when you’re earning $50,000 a year (that’s $4,166 a month). If you do not make more than $4,166 a month, the ISA automatically expires after 60 such deferred-payment months.
Who services the ISA? Lambda School?
Meratas is a third party provider who services the ISA on behalf of Lambda School in the United States.  Leif is a third party who services ISAs for some existing students.  
How do you verify my income?
The Income Share Agreement requires you to report your job status and income to Meratas, our ISA servicing partner.
How do I report my income? How can I see how many payments I have left?
You’ll report your income and your job status through your account with Meratas. Meratas also provides customer support to answer more detailed questions.
What if I file a joint tax return?
The Income Share Agreement requires you to submit your tax returns to Meratas. That said, we’re only interested in your personal income. If you provide documentation of your spouse’s income, it won’t be included.
What happens to my tuition if I withdraw from Lambda School?
We reduce the total obligation for people who leave Lambda School, based on completion of sprints. For full-time students, a sprint is one week long. For part-time students, a sprint is two weeks long.

The timing for when your tuition and/or ISA may be canceled completely, versus pro-rated, versus fully due may vary by state depending on the rules in your state. Please see your Enrollment Agreement for the most up-to-date information. In every state, you can cancel your ISA within 4 weeks of your cohort start date.
Can I pay tuition upfront instead of signing an ISA?
Yes. On the admissions application, there’s a box to check to tell us you’d like to pay upfront, instead of signing an ISA. You can make this election up until the first day of classes.
Do I need to be a US citizen to be a student?
Income Share Agreements are available to people who live in the US who are US Citizens, US Permanent Residents, or DACA recipients. Other people can still attend Lambda School by paying the tuition upfront.

Almost all courses are taught on Pacific time so it's important to think about how you will adjust according to your time zone.
Can I sign another ISA with another school after Lambda?
No. Our ISA requires that you sign no other ISAs. (Also we want to make sure you get a job, not go on to more school.)
When in the month are ISA payments due?
Payments are collected on the 1st of the month.
Am I eligible for an ISA?
ISA eligibility is not determined on the basis of prior income, sex, race, sexual orientation, religion, national origin or protected class. There are certain minimum requirements to be eligible for an ISA. For example, ISAs are only available to people who live in the US who are US Citizens, US Permanent Residents, or DACA recipients. ISAs are also not available to individuals who already have an obligation to pay under an ISA with another institution.
What agreement(s) will I sign with Lambda School?
To enroll, you’ll sign an Enrollment Agreement with Lambda School that lays out the basics of the program you’ll take as well as key items to know. If you elect the ISA option, you’ll also sign an income share agreement contract prior to starting at Lambda School.
How can I figure out my cost of living with my ISA payment?
There are a number of online financial tools you can use to calculate this. We recommend using to figure your annual and monthly expenses, and how your ISA payment would affect your budget (you can enter the ISA amount as “miscellaneous”).
What happens to my cost of living if I relocate for a job to a different city and or state?
Using a tool to see how your cost of living varies by location is a great idea. Check out this cost of living index to see how your cost of living would change.
What options do I have if I experience financial hardship?
The Lambda School ISA has built-in protection for financial hardship. Should you lose your job or should your income drop below $4,166 per month, your payments will automatically be paused after you’ve reported the change. That said, we understand that unique and unforeseeable financial emergencies sometimes occur.

In this situation please contact your ISA program manager (Leif at to discuss available options rather than letting your account go into default. While we cannot guarantee your situation will qualify for any changes or deferment, we want you to know that we want the best for you and your family, and will do what we can to help in times of extreme financial hardship.
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